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This is another option in case if you dont need Sender ID in SMS. Buy GSM SW Rs.7,500/-One-time Payment No recurring Cost. Use Free SMS plan SIM cards. Web: www.SMSIntegra.in

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SMS -Sales & CRM
A national (mineral) spring-water supplier is using SMS-Integra to keep in contact with it's sales team that spend their working day on the road. Price and customer updates are sent directly to their mobile phones.

SMS -Quotes
Plumbing business is using SMS-Integra to send addresses to it's contractors for jobs that need to be visited and quoted on.

SMS -Schools
Teachers, student affairs officers and office admins use SMS-Integra to send absentee alerts, meeting notifications, plus behavior reports to parents via group SMS rather than having to telephone them individually.

SMS -Club members
Particular social and community groups are using SMS-Integra to send meeting dates, updated appointments and special interest info to its members - keeping its group members active and fully informed.

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SMS Solutions made Fast, Efficient, Flexible & Affordable.

Send bulk SMS text messages from your PC to any cell / mobile phone. SMS-Integra is a unique service that puts you in direct contact with your clients, colleagues, dispatch units, sales reps, suppliers or even your friends using mobile text messaging.

Established in India in 2001, SmsIntegra is one of the world's leading developers and distributors of enterprise SMS software applications and services.

Our products are currently being used by clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Maruthi, TVS, Hyundai, Satyam, Wipro, Aviva, Aspire, Dominos, Pizahut, Noodle King, , ABN amro, Centurion Bank, SBI life, bharathi axa, ICICI, Univercell, Nokia, Anna Univercity, Colorplus, Raymonds, tanishq, Club mahindra, HCL, Canon, Nitani, Sutherland, Jain Housing, Geojit, Motilal Oswal, India Bulls, Rotary Club, Tic tax, Naturals, Fitness One, Cinema Paradiso....

Where to use SMS?

Handling marketing campaigns, Sending stock quotes, price alerts, special offers, news headlines, sports scores, weather forecasts, horoscopes, classifieds, exchange rates, product availability, holiday specials, etc.

Whatever is your business field, you will not believe how many categories you can integrate SMS services into, to enhance performance and generate revenues.

SMSIntegra is an easy-to-use bulk sms communication tool which helps you to send bulk sms to multiple users at a single stroke. SMS Integra helps you to send bulk sms to your colleagues, friends, family and clients in the most efficient and cost effective way. SMS alerts are now used as a new generation communication technique and as the most effective marketing tool. Send SMS to thousands of contacts at a single click.

SMSIntegra is among the leaders in providing effective, efficient and responsive two-way SMS (Short Messaging Service) text messaging software applications (desktop tools) and services provider (SMS aggregator) for wireless communication. SMSIntegra is operating on wireless technologies as a short messaging portal and is already serving thousands of registered online users countrywide and a fast growing number of blue chip and high tech corporate customers in India.

SMSIntegra Offers:

  • SMS gateway for your business software and web portals
  • PHP & ASP.NET codes for your personal Website integration.
  • Added value for your CRM-solutions
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Company internal communication tool
  • Information channel for your clients and partners
  • SMS news distributions
  • Real time SMS-alerts and notifications
  • Re-selling business opportunities
  • Price facts

  • No setup costs
  • No license costs
  • No monthly costs
  • You just pay a small fee per SMS
  • SMSIntegra quality

  • Realtime delivery notification for each SMS
  • Fast delivery within seconds
  • High throughput

    Benefits of SMSIntegra Bulk SMS Software

    • No Hardware modems or mobile handsets required. Everything is software based.
    • Each process is simplified & every module is designed keeping the user in mind.
    • Extremely simple, convenient and easy to use.
    • Best Prices, Highest Quality of Service
    • No false promises, what you see is what you get.
    • One Price for All India, So you can save on STD sms cost.
    • Send @ a speed of 2,000 SMS per minute or 1,00,000 Plus SMS per hr.
    • Tech. Servers to handle the highest loads
    • Technically qualified staff to help you in every aspect possible
    • Build your Brand as the Message is sent using a Sender ID / Brand IDspecified by you.
  • Permission Marketing

  • We also do high volume targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns Generating Quality Sales Leads
  • Smsintegra Online SMS Solutions Supports Message Broadcasting.
  • SMS Messaging Software SMSIntegra Reduces Communication Bills.
  • Send SMS To Mobile Phone without incurring huge communication expenses.
  • SMS Software Is Free Now.
  • SMS Marketing made easy with DataNectar marketing database leasing.
  • SMS Advertising Campaigns with your brand ID undertaken
  • Identifying New Prospects through SMSIntegra Ad Campaigns
  • Bulk SMS Software works on win XP.
  • Mobile Marketing SMS for Private placements, Funding's, New hires, Management changes, Sales Lead Lists, New Office Locations, Mergers, Acquisitions and other Newsworthy Business Events.
  • PC To Mobile SMS Software SMSIntegra you can do whole lot of things like iIncreaseing foot-falls to your showroom, Communicate special discounts, Send automated "Servicing Reminders" etc.
  • SMS Marketing Software SmsIntegra can be readily integrated with your company’s existing application systems.
  • SMS Broadcast Software SmsIntegra is a revolutionary product which will take your business to new heights!
  • SMS from Computer to groups or individual recipients.
  • Free SMS Software downlod link
  • If SMS Advertisements is not executed correctly, it leads to brand dissonance and makes the consumer feel that the brand is intrusive
  • Text Message Software
  • Business Text Messaging at its best with SMSIntegra
  • SMSIntegar is Cheap SMS Software for your Bulk SMS requirents.
  • For further information please contact our Key Account Manager

    > No setup fee

    Our prices are easy to understand! No setup costs, no maintenance fees, no fix costs at all. You pay just the desired SMS volume and based on very advantageous prices.

    It's instant. It's your anytime, anywhere communication tool. And best of all, it fits your mobile lifestyle. SMS your family, friends, or business associates. Build your own wireless community!!!

    WAP website.
    Having a mobile website can open your services and products to the millions of mobile users being added to the world wide web everyday. This means more and more people can access your services and products irrespective of the way they connect to the internet.
    Some of the most common WAP mobile internet applications are Order Tracking, Stock Availability, Directory Services, and Accessing Product Catalogs, Mobile Email etc.

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    SMS -Real Estate
    Real estate companies are using SMS to contact potential house buyers when a property in a particular area becomes available.
    Using SMS-Integra, they can send messages to certain people by searching by pincode, suburb, property type, spend limit plus more.

    SMS -Recruitment
    A staff recruitment agency is using SMS-Integra to contact temp workers on it's books when particular jobs come in.
    Rather than ringing each person, they send a group SMS out asking the temps to ring or SMS back if they are available to work.

    SMS -Campaign
    A large food retail company uses time-specific SMS messages to give them the advantage of the lunch trade.
    Around midday on particular days, they send out discount vouchers and daily specials via SMS to members of it food club - prompting people to order with them instead of their competitors. The clients can even SMS an order back to the business so that their lunch order is ready when they arrive.

    SMS -Live
    TV auction, BID2WIN, Lotto numbers, jokes, competitions, weather reports, sporting results plus a whole host of other information can all be sent using SMS-Integra.

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    Not a Trial Version!

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